Our adoption process is designed to find the best possible match between equines and adopters. 


Some of our sanctuary horses are available for forever foster as companion horses (no adoption fee). tHE PROCESS FOR THIS IS THE SAME AS ADOPTION.

Interested in Adopting?

Please read all of this section if you are interested in adopting. 

First, all of our horses have Facebook posts about them on our Facebook page. These posts have additional pictures, videos, and information on top of what is posted about them here. Use the search function with the horses name to find all past posts about them if you want more info. 

Next - there are a few ways to come and see the horses. Come during open barn which is the first Saturday of every month from 11-3 to meet the horses generally, meet volunteers, etc. This is the most general way of meeting the horses as we do not pull horses out of the pasture during open barn. 

Showcase Hour - Every Saturday between 5pm and 6pm, our trainer Emily will be at the rescue available to meet. Come by (no appointment needed, no need to let us know, no need to have an application in). Horses shown will be based on who comes to the showcase. No riding by interested parties is allowed during the Showcase, but if the horses are ridable Emily will ride them and do groundwork with them to show off their skills.  Please only attend if you are interested in adopting. 

Finally, there are Private Appointments. There are only available once you submit an application and are approved. Private appointments are also with Emily, 1 on 1 to discuss the horse(s) you are interested in. During Private appointments, you can watch the horse be ridden, ride the horse if appropriate, and decide to adopt the horse. 

Interested in submitting an application? The steps to submitting are below. ALL steps must be completed before you can be approved. 

1. Complete and submit the application with a nonrefundable $20 application fee. Additionally, you MUST send pictures of your property, fences, other horses, and shelters. This can be sent to either our email or to our FB page. 

Applications can be submitted by mail, email (application fee can be submitted through PayPal) or bring the application/fee to the barn during open barn times.


Preferred submission method  - email us the application (email is on top of the application), and submit the $20 application fee via our PayPal (button on the donate page). Include a note that the $20 is for your application. This way no applications get lost in the mail.


Please message us on our FB that you have submitted the application. This is a safeguard so that your application does not get lost. 


Applications can take 1-2 weeks to be approved. 


We require: no barbed wire, shelters in the pastures or stalls to place horses in in inclement weather, appropriate pasture size as dictated by your county, and a vet /farrier reference. You also MUST have another suitable companion on the property, whether that is another horse, donkey, or goat. 

2. Once you are approved, message us on FB to set up a private appointment to meet the available horses.  

After being successfully matched with an equine, an adoption contract can be signed and payment in full is expected prior to taking your equine home.


Adopters are required to make their own transportation arrangements. We can suggest local haulers if you need them. 

3. Updates are required every 6 months - pictures of the horse from a side view and hooves.  These can be emailed or sent to our FB page.