Adoption Process


You can find all of our available horses under the Available Horses tab of our website which is updated daily.  If you have a question not covered there, please reach out on Facebook. Do not call, please. 

How to meet horses:



     Every Saturday at 5pm we show horses to interested folks. No riding allowed during this time. 

Private Appointments:

      Available once you submit an application and are approved. During a private appointment, you can ride the horse, meet with our trainer to discuss your needs, etc. 

Applications can be downloaded from the links above. You can either fill it out by typing into it or by printing it and filling it out in pen. You can then take pictures of the completed application to send to us. 

Email it to us at

Attach the required pictures of your fences, shelters, and current horses

Finally, we require a $20 application fee. This can be paid with our paypal (email for paypal is or venmo (@StarrySkiesEquineRescue)

Once you've submitted your application, pictures, and application fee message us on FB to let us know, this is a safeguard against your application getting lost. 

On average, it takes 1-2 weeks for us to process your application. You will be contacted upon approval of your application to set up a private appointment to meet the available horses and find a suitable match for you. Your application is for YOU not a specific horse and stays active for 1 year. After 1 year, we require updated information from you but there is never a second application fee, it is a 1 time thing. 

Please read the below information

We do not accept payment plans for adoption fees.

We do adopt out of state and have no distance requirements/maximums. For out of state adoptions please keep in mind it is the adopter's responsibility to get whatever additional vet work is required (often a health cert is required to cross state lines). 


We can accept cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo to pay adoption fees. Adoption fee is due before the horse leaves our property. 


Our adoption fees are firm.


Limited transportation may be available for a fee, or we can refer you to haulers if you do not have a trailer.


We require you have at least 1 suitable companion for your horse on the property. For horses, this means a goat, another horse (mini is fine), a donkey, or a mule. 


 We do not accept barbed wire fences and do require t posts be capped (with the rubber tops). 


Once you decide you'd like to adopt, you have 14 days to organize hauling and bring your horse home. If you need additional time due to extenuating circumstances, we can hold the horse for longer on a case by case basis. However, please reach out if you think this is you. 

Once you are approved, you are entitled to have a PPE (pre purchase exam) done by a vet of your choice, request a horses vet records, have the horse evaluated by a trainer, etc. 

Our horses are all evaluated by our vet for basic soundness, age, to confirm they are not pregnant or a stud, and to discover major health issues to the best of our ability. However, this is a different thing than a PPE or full soundness exam. We do the best we can to disclose known health issues, training status, and what we know about the animal but do not guarantee that we know everything about the horse. Only a thorough vet exam can tell you things not apparent to the naked eye. We highly recommend having a PPE done, but we do not require them

A horse adopted from us can be returned at any time, for any reason.