Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are your Open Hours? Can I just drop by?

A. We are Open the first Saturday of every month between 11am and 3pm for Open Barn. Additionally, you can come to any of our Drop-In Volunteer Hours as listed on our Volunteer Tab. 


Q. What horses do you have available? Is X horse available?

A. Our website is the most updated source of which horses are available. If the horse is listed on our website, they are available! We update it any time anything changes. 


Q. I'm interested in adopting. How do I do that?

A. Please refer to the adoption tab on our website. There is a application process and a few ways to meet available horses. 


Q. I want to bring my dog or other pet to the rescue with me, can I do that?

A. Please, leave your animals at home. For their safety, and ours, we require no pets on the property. 


Q. I want to donate items to you, who do I contact for that?

A. We love and appreciate donations! At this time, we do not need any brushes or grooming supplies. We can use horse blankets, but only if they are waterproof and in good shape with no tears or missing straps. If you have items to donate, message us on FB. 


Q. I want more pictures, videos, information about a specific horse. 

A. Great! Search their name on our Facebook page and several posts will come up about them with that information. 


Q. I want to volunteer but have limited hours, limited physical capacity, etc. Is there work I could do?

A. Yes! There is work of all kinds here, not only hard physical work. Drop by during any hours, and the volunteer leaders will help find something you can do to help. 


Q. I need to surrender a horse. 

A. Please message us on FB with pictures of your horse and what you know about them. The board will determine if we can help them and take them in. Calls are also acceptable, but FB messages are highly preferred. 


Q. I have a question not listed here or covered by your website. 

A. Please message us on Facebook for any other questions and we will get back to you shortly.