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8133 W. Liberty

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

TEL:734 660-6449

Events 2020

Homemade Horse Treat Making

  • February 22nd 2020 12:15-2pm

  • All welcome, designed for ages 5-13. 

  • Drop-offs allowed, or parents may attend. 

  • $20 per attendee, covers all expenses and all proceeds go to the rescue. May be paid in cash or check on day of. 

We will discuss horse nutrition, which foods are safe for horses, and will do a fruit and veggie taste-test with a few of our charismatic residents. Supplies will be provided for attendees to make their own treats for the horses, and we will discuss how to safely feed treats. 

Capped at 20 participants. Room still available, RSVP now.