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Some horses here are not adoptable. This isn't to say they aren't available, but they aren't the type to be adopted. These horses are too old, unsound for riding, or have other issues that means that usually live their whole lives here. Their care usually costs a bit extra - older horses need more to eat. 

Therefore, these special horses are available through our sponsorship program. Each sponsorable horse is available for sponsorship for $200 a month. To be a sponsor for a horse, a minimum contribution of $50 a month towards their care is required. Each horse can have up to 4 sponsors. If a horse has their sponsorship needs met, sponsors have a say in if that horse can be adopted (though this is rare, some people adopt these horses as pasture pets from time to time). 

Sponsors can not ride their sponsored horse. They can, however, see their horse outside of volunteer hours by appointment. They can brush their horse, take pictures of them, take their horse on walks, give baths, and spend time with their horse. Sponsoring a horse is a great way to get some bonding time in, build a relationship, and help a truly deserving horse. Sponsors will be taught how to handle their horse safely, and must abide by all property rules. 

Pictures of sponsorable horses are coming. These horses include Motion, Verner, Vixen, Kyanite, Vinny, Princess, and a few others. 


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, send us a message on our FB page or via this website. 

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