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Become A Sponsor

Sponsorship supports permanent residents. Sponsors make a monthly commitment to their horse, at a minimum of $50 per month. A sponsor can visit their horse both during volunteer hours or via appointment most days. A sponsorship makes a great gift for the horse lover in your life.

Sponsors may not ride, but some horses enjoy grooming, groundwork, or giving special treats.  We can guide you in which horse would be the best for you. 

If you're interested in sponsoring, please reach out to us on FB or send us a message via the contact us box. 

Donna 10-27.jpg

Donna is an elderly mule who has been at the rescue for many years. She originally came out of a kill pen - her friends have long since been adopted, but Donna has been clear that she wants to stay at the rescue. She does not like to be brushed or pet, but will often be thrilled to take a carrot or apple. 

Fully Sponsored. 

Thank you Laurie!


Odin is a elderly Belgian gelding. He was surrendered by his owners and is very arthritic following years of working as an amish plow horse. He has enough issues that we have decided to keep him with us as part of our sponsor and hospice program. As you can imagine, end of life expenses on such a large horse are high. He receives daily pain and anti-inflammatory medication, and as much high quality feed as he wants. He loves to be scratched on his neck. 

Still needs $50/month 

Thank you Jan, Kathleen, Jennifer,  Laurie and Ruth for being his sponsors!


Pumpkin is a aged Belgian gelding. He came to us incredibly thin, with a nasty cough. We have treated what we can, but his lungs have significant scarring. As a result, he struggles to hold weight and therefore must be fed a soaked high calorie diet. He may have cancer, as well. Therefore he is best off staying with us. However, he is incredibly friendly and would love some sponsors to hang out with and snuggle. 

Still needs $150/month

Thank you Emily, Elena, Laurie and Julie for being his first sponsors!


Jake is a older Thoroughbred gelding. He is a permanent resident due to various health issues including severe cribbing. Jake is very sweet, but also can be anxious. He loves treats and petting.

Fully sponsored.

Thank you Keri!


Nikita is a TB mare born with a severe wry nose. One of the longest staying residents, Nikita loves her sponsors dearly. She enjoys scratches, cookies, and grooming. 

Fully sponsored.

Thank you Dave!

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