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Fully sponsored! Thank you, Donnas sponsors. 

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$100/$200 sponsorship needs met




Fully sponsored. 

A big thank you 

to each of Jake's





$150/200 sponsorship needs met



$200/250 sponsorship needs met

Whiskey has additional needs due to health issues. 


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Sponsorship supports our Sanctuary horses, each of whom are not adoptable for various reasons. Sponsors may visit their horses during open hours or by appointment. Sponsors may not ride. Sponsorship is for a minimum of $50/month.

How does sponsorship support rescue horse lives?

-Farrier care every 6-8 weeks, vet care as needed, bedding for stalls, free choice high quality hay, 2-4 scoops of Purina Senior Strategy grain per day (often soaked + added joint supplements), additional care as needed. 


Sponsoring is the best way to support older, unadoptable equines. You can get your horse time in, have your morning coffee with your chosen horse, and know you're freeing up space for the next horse who needs our help. 

Interested in sponsoring? Message us on Facebook to ask any questions. 


Ready to sponsor? We take cash, checks, or paypal donations. Please designate which horse you are sponsoring. 



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