2003 Arabian mare who stands 14.1hh. Pixie is a beautiful mare. She does have a conformational flaw with low pasterns, so cannot be ridden. She is otherwise healthy. She is sweet, easy to handle, and a typical sensitive and soulful arabian mare. 

Adoption Fee: Waived to an approved home



2010 quarter horse mare standing 15.3h. Bella has an old pelvis injury making her unsuitable for riding. She is super sweet and gorgeous, easy to handle and good for the vet/farrier. 

Adoption Fee: Waived to an approved home


Kiss for Kris

Kris is a 2003 OTTB mare who stands 17.1hh. She is easy to catch, lead, tie, load, trim, clip, and handle. She is currently having a groundwork refresher, and will be started under saddle shortly. Would be a nice lower level dressage horse or trail horse. 

Adoption fee: $1000




Attention mule lovers! Vixen is a 2014 chestnut mule standing about 15.3hh. She is a gorgeous mover and very affectionate, curious, and athletic. Vixen is for experienced mule handlers only. Can sometimes put a halter on her, but not yet halter broke. 

Adoption fee: $1000




Babe is a 2006 Morgan mare standing 14.3hh. Babe is incredibly smart, sweet, and personable. She is easy to handle, catch, lead, load, tie, and stands well for vet and farrier. Babe is broke to ride and is not spooky. 

Babe is blind (mostly) and requires wood fences or solid. She gets along well with most horses. Babe will need an intermediate or experienced rider due to being blind. However, she is quite nice to ride or would suit very well to a pony ride/trail ride life. 

Adoption fee: $1000




Lightning is a ~2004 Belgian draft gelding standing 18hh. Lightning is a sweetheart, and is easy to catch, lead, load, etc. Good for farrier but prefers stocks.

He is well broke to drive and will ride as well with a little work. Advanced beginner safe. 

Adoption fee: $2000


Lightning face_edited.jpg


Thunder is a ~2004 Belgian draft gelding standing 18.1hh. Thunder is a gentle giant, broke to ride and drive and great to handle. Advanced beginner safe.   


Adoption fee: $2000


thunder face_edited.jpg


Carmine is a 2019 ArabX gelding who is estimated to finish growing around 16hh. Carmine is a puppy dog type, but is a forward type. Not overly spooky, has typcial baby moments. 


Carmine is easy to catch. lead, tie, and trim. Lunges a little, picks up feet well, desensitized to some objects. Not under saddle yet. 

Adoption fee: $1000




Abbie is a 2010 appaloosa pony mare standing 14.1hh. Abbie is super sweet and a great mover. She is stocky and could easily hold adults. Abbie is easy to catch, lead, load, tie, and handle. Good for the farrier. 

Abbie is broke to ride, solidly w/t and green in the canter. Good on trails but needs more miles overall. 

Abbie does have typical appy vision loss in 1 eye, but it does not effect her much. She also needs a low sugar diet. 

Adoption fee: $1000




Frankie is a ~2006 mini mule standing around 10hh. Frankie is a typical mule - stubborn! But once she trusts you she can be quite sweet and willing. Halter broke, OK for the farrier, and usually good to catch. Frankie loves attention but would probably be best as a companion type. She could be taught to ride or drive but that would require some training. 

Adoption fee: $500