1997 Belgian draft mare standing around 16.1hh. Ophelia is extremely sweet and gentle. Good for the farrier and vet, respects fences, and is an easy keeper with no vices. Ophelia is well broke to drive and ride, and is sweet and laid back. Best suited to an advanced beginner. Her right eye has been removed, but it does not bother her. Would be great as a husband horse. 

Adoption Fee: $1500


Lady Luck

1996 standardbred mare (racing name Maybe Dream) who stands 15.2hh. Lady Luck is super sweet, easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Absolutely great manners and good under saddle. Would be a fabulous trail horse for someone wanting to enjoy her gentle nature. Walks and trots under saddle, canters on the lunge. Not lazy but not spooky either. Lady Luck does need soaked food to keep her weight on, but her awesome personality makes it worth it! Beginner safe. 

Adoption Fee: $750



1997 pony mare standing 13.2hh. Matilda is a gorgeous mare and a great mover. Good manners, easy enough to handle a child can handle and ride her. Walks and trots, likely also would canter once she gets some muscle. Good for vet farrier etc. Leads loads ties. Matilda does need soaked feed and is best ridden in a halter or hackamore. Totally polite and gets along with mares and geldings. 

Adoption Fee: $500



2005 Belgian mare standing around 16.3hhh. Jewel is a gorgeous mare, a nice mover with  clean legs for her age. Easy to catch lead load tie and handle, good for the farrier and vet, and no vices. Would me a great family or trail horse. Best suited to an advanced beginner type rider. Well broke to ride and drive, no vices, good on trails or for arena work. 

Adoption Fee: $2000



2011 QH mare standing 15.3hh. Absolute sweetheart, puppy dog personality. Bella is easy to catch, lead trim, and great for the vet. She sometimes can be hard to trailer, but we are working on it.  Bella has a old injury to her pelvis that does not effect her unless ridden, so we are seeking a companion/groundwork type home for her.  She enjoys groundwork and liberty work and would be a great companion to any horse. 

Adoption Fee: Waived



2012 standardbred gelding standing 15.3hh. Absolute sweetheart, puppy dog personality and awesome manners.  Gravy is easy to catch, lead, load, trim, and great for the vet. Gravy came to us with a broken leg - he spent months in a stall and in rehab and we are proud to say he is fully pasture sound. He can canter, buck and play with all the others at no risk. However, our vet recommends he is not ridden so he is available as a companion only.  

Adoption Fee: Waived



2010 Welsh pony mare standing 14.1hh. Eclipse is a super mover, and has driving experience. She is well broke to walk and trot, started at the canter. Very obedient and sweet. Suited an advanced beginner rider.


Eclipse is easy to catch, lead, load, tie, and is great for the farrier. No vices.  Gets along with mares and geldings, not spooky at all.


Eclipse needs to be on a medication that costs about $50 per month and a low sugar diet. 

Adoption Fee: $1500



Fireball is a 1997 pony gelding standing about 12.3hh. He is a healthy guy and has nice legs and feet. He is incredibly cute and friendly. Good for the vet and farrier. Mild cushings that does not currently need medication. Fireball is kid safe and broke to ride and drive. perfect first pony type.  Best suited to light work. 

Adoption fee: $500




Kywa is a 1995 Paint mare standing about 15.2hh. This mare has had extensive training and was well loved for her whole life. She is healthy, but does have a sway back so needs a light (under 100 lb) rider. Kywa is safe for any child, loves trails, unspookable, and a total lover. A child will be very lucky to have her!

Adoption fee: $500




Dudley is a 2000 QH gelding standing 15.3hh. He is stocky and a beautiful mover. Easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Good for vet and farrier. Solid feet and an easy keeper. Nice ground manners and good under saddle walk and trot. Needs an intermediate or up rider. Would be a fabulous trail horse, he is very competent over obstacles, tarps, etc.  

Adoption fee: $1000




Buckeye is a stunning 2003 standardbred gelding standing 15.3hh. Buckeye is friendly, gentle, and great for the farrier. Buckeye would suit almost anyone looking to trail ride and spend time on groundwork. He is blind with no other health issues. Gets along with most pasture mates and respects fences. Broke to drive and started under saddle - suited to an advanced beginner. No vices. 

Adoption fee: $1000




Tequila is a 2003 QH mare standing about 15.1hh. She is sweet and good natured, easy to catch and handle. Tequila is good to tie, lead, load, trim, and good for the vet. She was a kids camp horse and very broke to trails. Working on learning arena skills but she is willing and easy to work with. Neck reins. Would be a great kids trail horse, 4h horse, etc. She does need a tune up in the arena. Healthy with no vices.  

Adoption fee: $1250




Martini is a 2003 QH mare standing about 15.2.hh. Martini is easy to catch, lead, load, tie, handle, and is good for the farrier. She lunges well and has great groundwork. It has been a few years since she has been ridden so she would benefit from a refresher. She was said to be broke at one time but then was used as a broodmare for several years. Would be a great winter project. 

Adoption fee: $1250




Fifi is a 2010 mini standing 36''/9hh. He weighs approximately 250 lbs. Fifi is seriously the sweetest pony, easy to handle and love on and adores kids. Leadline broke, good for vet/farrier etc.


No health issues besides that his feet were neglected prior to coming to us so needs to be kept on a regular 6 week trim cycle.  

Adoption fee: $1000


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