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2008 gaited pony gelding standing 14.1hh. Ash is jet black and very handsome! Sound and gaits 100% of the time - possibly a paso fino type. 


Ash is friendly, easy to catch. He can be a little sensitive about his ears but allows haltering and bridling well.  Picks up his feet well. Ash is broke to ride but is not suited to beginners as he takes advantage of them. For intermediate and up riders he is a nice ride.  Some rides are much better than others so consistency is key. He prefers outdoor/trail riding when that is an option. Intermediate or up home/rider. A advanced beginner working with a trainer would be suited too. 

Adoption Fee: $1250

Ash head.jpg
Ash body.jpg


2022 grey (will be grey) Arabian filly who should mature between 14.1 and 14.3hh. Sass is a friendly filly who has nice straight legs and solid feet. She is easy to catch, lead load tie and handle. Good for foot handling. She is an excellent project type, could go in any direction once she matures. No vices, comfortable being stalled, gets along with any other horses in the pasture. 

Adoption Fee: $1250



2011 QH gelding standing 15hh. Phillip is a stout handsome guy who is a lovely project. He is easy to catch lead load and ties. He does pick up his feet but could use more work on his hinds. Phillip is not spooky, learns quickly and is a friendly guy. At no fault of his own, he has not had consistent work in some time before we got him. Now, he is regularly worked, and his groundwork is improving. He stands for saddling and is good at the mounting block. He is green under saddle but so far no buck/rear/bolt/etc. Would be a great barrel horse or reining prospect or would be happy as a trail horse too. No known health issues, injuries except a lip scar that does not affect his usability or eating.  

Adoption Fee: $1500

Phillip face.jpg
Phillip body.jpg


1998 Arabian mare standing 14.2hh. Moonbeam is a gentle, older mare who lived her whole life as a broodmare. Unfortunately for her that means she was never broke to ride and she has not shown interest in that life. Instead, she's earned her retirement many times over. She gets along well with others and would love to be a companion or pasture puff. Moonbeam is easy to catch, okay to load, ties, has nice ground manners. She picks up her feet okay. She has good teeth but does best with some grain. She would love a gentle retirement life at your farm! Healthy with no vices or health issues. 

Adoption Fee: Waived to an approved home. 



2011 QH mare standing 15hh. Pistol is a beautiful moving mare who is very smart and friendly. Due to no fault of her own, she was never started under saddle in her previous life. She now is easy to catch lead tie and handle. Picks up feet well for the farrier and stands for the vet. Pistol will load in stock or slant type trailers. 

Pistol has NOT been ridden yet. She has been saddled (no bucking on her first saddling!), ground driven, some desensitization. She will need a experienced rider or a intermediate working with a trainer. Sound for any discipline. 

Adoption Fee: 1250

Pistol head.jpg
Pistol body.jpg


2017 QH mare standing 15.2hh. Easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Good for vet and farrier. Sweet mare. Penny is not broke to ride but has been saddled, in the round pen, ponied down trails and is ready to be started by an advanced rider (would be a good first project) or an intermediate rider working with a trainer. 


Penny has a scar on her back left leg due to a pasture accident as a yearling. Though her internal structures are okay, the scar tissue limits her range of motion. As such, she is best suited to light work such as 4h, trail riding, low level dressage. 

Adoption Fee: 1000

Penny face.jpg
Penny body.jpg


2007 QH mare standing 15.1hh. Rumor was a broodmare for some of her life but has recently been brought back into work and has done well. She is a sweet mare, easy to catch lead load and handle. Good for the vet and farrier. Easy mare to live with, easy keeper, barefoot and gets along with any horse. She is broke to ride w/t, but hasn't been ridden consistently in some time. 

Rumor does have arthritis. With no treatment, she is sound for walk/trot or trail type work. With treatment, she could potentially do harder work. However, a light work home such as a trail/light 4h home would likely be the best fit for her. Suited to an advanced beginner. 

Adoption Fee: 1250

Rumor face.jpg
Rumor body.jpg


2013 QH mare standing 15hh. Wanda is a super cute mare who is easy to catch, lead, load, tie and handle. Stands well for the vet and farrier and has nice bare feet. 

Wanda is a mare who is very nice to ride, but needs work on ground manners. Well broke to ride with comfortable gaits. She would make a nice trail horse, low level 4h horse, that kind of job. She does have arthritis in her back legs so a performance home is not recommended. 

Adoption Fee: $1500

Wanda face.jpg
Wanda body.jpg


2004 QH gelding standing 15hh. Douglas is a very handsome guy who is a lovely mover, too! He is easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Douglas can be pushy at times and requires at least an advanced beginner to handle. Nothing dangerous but he isn't always the most patient. He does do well for the vet and farrier and will stand quietly after a good warmup. Douglas is broke to ride and suited to an intermediate rider. Would be a nice 4h horse or barrel horse type with work. Not spooky, no vices or health issues or injuries we are aware of. Lovely guy who gets better the more you ride him. 

Adoption Fee: $1500

Douglas face.jpg
Douglas body.jpg


2002 standardbred gelding standing 15.3hh. Privo is a lovely guy - doesn't act his age at all! Loves to play and is a goofy type of gelding. Privo is broke to ride and drive, best suited to an advanced beginner. Would be a good trail horse. He is a pacer so very smooth to ride!

Privo is easy to catch, lead, load, tie and handle. Good for vet and farrier. No vices or health issues we are aware of. 

Adoption Fee: 2000

Privo face.jpg
Privo body.jpg


2000 Arabian mare standing 15.3hh. Fancy is a sweet older girl who loves attention. Easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Good for vet and farrier. Fancy has a sway back, and while she was likely ridable at one time at this point in her life she would like to just eat cookies and live the good life, so we are looking for a non riding home for her, though liberty work and tricks are definitely something she would like. Gets along well with others and is sound. 

Adoption Fee: waived to an approved home

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Fancy body.jpg


Buckeye is a stunning 2003 standardbred gelding standing 15.3hh. Buckeye is friendly, gentle, and great for the farrier. Buckeye would suit almost anyone looking to trail ride and spend time on groundwork. He is blind with no other health issues. Gets along with most pasture mates and respects fences. Broke to drive and started under saddle - suited to an advanced beginner. No vices. 

Adoption fee: $1000




Snip is a 2012 TWH gelding standing 15hh. Very sweet horse. Puppy dog personality. Good to catch lead tie and handle. He does struggle with trailering at times but this is improving with work. Snip picks up his feet well and is good for the vet. Our vet recommends light riding only due to conformation of his legs - light trails, etc. Broke to ride and suited to an intermediate rider or could be a pony ride horse. Not spooky.  

Adoption Fee: 1500



Skittles is a 2001 Appaloosa mare standing about 15.2hh. She is a gentle, older girl who has had a hard life. She is incredibly sweet and very trusting considering that. She does have some arthritis, and has partial vision in both eyes. She is not broke to ride and we are seeking a non-riding companion home for her. She would be great to keep your older horse company. She is easy to catch lead load and tie. Handles nicely. She does pick up her feet though has some fear of strangers doing so, so she would need some time to adjust to new handlers. Overall a easy horse to live with. 

Adoption Fee: waived to an approved home

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