2021 TBX filly. Figgy is a gorgeous young girl who should be in the 16hh range. Super athletic and a very nice mover with lots of potential for dressage or hunter/jumper. Figgy was unhandled until a few months ago, so she has a long way to go as far as trusting humans. We can catch her and lead her, and she will tie. We have started basic lunging and groundwork but she still will need an experienced horse person or a person working with a trainer. 


Adoption Fee: $1000

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2002 pony mare standing about 14.1hh. Samoa trots and gaits. Lazy kid safe type - not spooky, not naughty, just a overall good horse. She is easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Great for vet and farrier. Great to tack. Good for the hose and fly spray. Under saddle Samoa will walk and trot/gait with encouragement. She would be an excellent first pony type, trail pony, etc. She does have arthritis in her front fetlocks so our vet recommends that she stick to being ridden by kids and walk/trot, no cantering or jumping. She is blind on one eye, doesn't bother her.  Super sweet girl. 


Adoption Fee: $1500

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2002 standardbred mare (Tigers Pride) who stands 15.1hh. This mare is super sweet, gentle, and kind. Easy to catch lead load tie and trim. Good for the vet. Tiger does have dropped suspensory tendons from years of hard work, and now should only be ridden at the walk. She would be an excellent kids horse or light trail type. Beginner safe.  


Adoption Fee: $1000

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2021 QH filly who should finish growing 15hh+. Cedar is an extremely cute mover who loves attention. Friendly and not bad to catch with some grain. Leads, ties, lunges, and picks up her feet. Not a terribly spooky girl, pretty brave in the face of new stuff. Gets along with mares and geldings, respects fences, overall a healthy girl. Should be an excellent all around prospect. 


Adoption Fee: $1000

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Buckeye is a stunning 2003 standardbred gelding standing 15.3hh. Buckeye is friendly, gentle, and great for the farrier. Buckeye would suit almost anyone looking to trail ride and spend time on groundwork. He is blind with no other health issues. Gets along with most pasture mates and respects fences. Broke to drive and started under saddle - suited to an advanced beginner. No vices. 

Adoption fee: $1000




Martini is a 2003 QH mare standing about 15.2.hh. Martini is easy to catch, lead, load, tie, handle, and is good for the farrier. She lunges well and has great groundwork. She does not seem to be comfortable with being ridden and the issue is likely a sore back, potentially kissing spine and is not ridable. Gets along great with mares and geldings, respects fence and is safe enough for a kid to handle. 

Adoption fee: Waived to an approved home. 


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Yukon is a 1995 Belgian draft gelding standing 18hh. A very sweet fella with a lot of presence. Due to age and muscle/back issues, he is not suitable for riding. He would thrive in a groundwork/companion home who wants to enjoy this gentle giant. No vices we know of. Good feet and legs. 

Adoption Fee: Waived to an approved home


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Ophelia is a beautiful 2000 Belgian mare standing 16.3hh. Easy mare to catch lead load and tie. Good for vet and farrier. Easy girl to ride, happy to trot off and good for all rider levels. Fun and pretty girl and would be a great trail horse or husband type. Beginner safe in all ways. Missing her right eye, doesn't bother her a bit. No other health issues. 

Adoption Fee: 1500

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Ophelia body.jpg


Betsy is a 2001 Belgian draft mare standing about 17hh. Lovely, quiet mare with great manners. She does have an old injury to her back legs which limits her to walk only riding.  Great to ride and safe for all levels of riders. Respects fences and gets along well with others, easy keeper with no vices. Leads loads ties and good to handle overall. 

Adoption Fee: 1500

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Spring is an absolutely gorgeous 1997 Belgian draft mare standing a solid 17.2hh. She is a sweet mare who has worked a long time. Despite that, she is sound and healthy. Spring can be a little hard to catch, but once you have her, she is easy to handle. Good for the vet and farrier. Can be a little nervous about new things, but is a quick learner who just needs guidance and calm energy. Under saddle, she is intermediate rider safe - mostly good to ride, enjoys group trail rides. 

Adoption Fee: 1500