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Dudley is a 2003 QH gelding standing 15.3hh. Dudley is sound and healthy, but does have some age related changes such as mild arthritis and a scar in one eye (he can still see out of it).


Dudley does best with quiet, patient handlers. He is broke to ride w/t, and could be taught to canter. He listens well and would enjoy trails or being a companion for light riding. Easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Good for the vet and farrier. No vices, easy keeper, and barefoot. Lunges OK, prefers the roundpen.


He does not like fly spray but is getting better about it over time. Would be a nice family horse. 

Adoption Fee: $1250

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Dudley body.jpg


Spice is a 2006 pony mare standing 12hh. Absolute kid pony. She came to us very skinny so is still gaining weight and muscle, but her teeth are healthy. Sound with no known health issues. Nice legs and feet. Can be a little hard to catch for adults, comes up to kids - or comes for a treat. 

Spice is very well broke. W/T/C, but prefers w/t, stands to mount, a kid can groom and tack independently. At her size she should be limited to riders 100lbs and under. She drives too. Beginner safe and would be a great first pony for a kid who has a little experience. 

Adoption Fee: $2000

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Spice body.jpg


Queso is a 2001 saddlebred (or maybe dutch harness horse) mare standing 15.3hh. She is nice and stocky and boy is she pretty. Don't let her age fool you, she has tons of life left. Sound and healthy with no health issues. Queso is well broke to ride, not spooky, but she wants to go! Not super hot but not a total beginner horse. Well suited to be a husband who wants to keep up with the crowd type horse, or a teenager who wants to try 4h type. She could do it all! 

She can be a little hard to catch at first, but she's getting better and better about it over time. No other behavioral issues. 


Ready for a new partner to have fun with!

Adoption Fee: 1500

queso face.jpg
Queso body.jpg


Noble is a 2005 Percheron gelding standing about 17hh. He has a big neck but also was roached before he arrived to us which makes it look even bigger. Noble is broke to ride and drive. Rides well w/t, is willing to canter but not finished in it. Trails are a favorite as well. Picks up feet quite well, can be trimmed in or out of stocks. He has 1 known health issue - a weak bladder which causes him to drip urine. There are potentially surgical things an adopter could choose to pursue, but he is comfortable and happy as is to. A quick rinse off with the hose along with some cream to protect his legs helps prevent urine scald. Easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Good for the vet, no vices, gets along with mares and geldings

Adoption Fee: $2000

Noble face.jpg


Tucker is a draft mule gelding standing 16.3hh. Absolute gentle giant type. Tucker loves to cuddle and is very sweet, and easy going. He is easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Good to handle his feet and does not need stocks to trim. Nice healthy feet. Tucker is lovely to ride, though quite lazy. He prefers a mosey for sure but will trot with encouragement. Not the slightest bit spooky. He enjoys trails and is solid enough for any size/skill level rider. Absolutely a beginner safe guy. He does have a mild heart murmur and some arthritis in his hocks, which means he should not be asked to do hard work like barrel racing or jumping (not sure how you'd convince him to do that anyway). But walk/trot trails would be perfectly healthy for him. No current maintenance. Gets along great with others. No vices. He still could use a little weight but is putting it on well.    

Adoption Fee: $2500

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2008 Spanish mustang mare. Registered ('Foxy Lady') but we do not have her papers. 13hh but stocky enough for small adults. Foxy was a well broke trail horse in the past but had some time off. We are currently in the process of giving her a refresher and she is currently going well walk/trot but still will need a intermediate or advanced beginner working with a trainer as she remembers her job.


Friendly and good to lead tie and handle. Picks up feet okay and lunges nicely. Not spooky. No vices or health issues. 

Adoption Fee: $1500

Foxy face.jpg


Zola is a 2004 Belgian draft mare standing 17hh. She is very sweet and gentle. Easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Good for feet handling though is most used to stocks. 

Zola does have some arthritis typical for her age and prior life, so is best suited for walk/trot/trail riding. Thankfully that's more her speed anyway! She is advanced beginner safe, suited to older kids (or younger with supervision), beginner adults, and anyone who likes trails. She is not barn or buddy sour but does prefer riding with a friend as most horses do. Not spooky at all with no vices, gets along with others and is an easy keeper. 

Adoption Fee: 2000

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Zola body.jpg


2017 QH mare standing 15.2hh. Easy to catch lead load tie and handle. Good for vet and farrier. Sweet mare. Penny is not broke to ride but has been saddled, in the round pen, ponied down trails and is ready to be started by an advanced rider (would be a good first project) or an intermediate rider working with a trainer. 


Penny has a scar on her back left leg due to a pasture accident as a yearling. Though her internal structures are okay, the scar tissue limits her range of motion. As such, she is best suited to light work such as 4h, trail riding, low level dressage. 

Adoption Fee: 1000

Penny face.jpg
Penny body.jpg


2013 QH mare standing 15hh. Wanda is a super cute mare who is easy to catch, lead, load, tie and handle. Stands well for the vet and farrier and has nice bare feet. 

Wanda is great to ride (forward, but not uncontrollable - not spooky and rides well in a snaffle) but she can be strong on the ground. Not suited to total beginners right now. Intermediate and up or could go into a program and afterwards probably would suit advanced beginners. Well broke to ride with comfortable gaits. She would make a nice trail horse, low level 4h horse, that kind of job.


 She does have mild arthritis in her back fetlocks so should not be a jumper or barrel racer. 4H/equestrian team, trail riding, lesson horse would all be good jobs for her. No maintenance is needed currently.

Adoption Fee: $1500

Wanda face.jpg
Wanda body.jpg


Cheddar is a teenage standardbred gelding who is very very sweet and gentle. He unfortunately had a hard life and is not sound to ride due to arthritis and a old back injury.


He does do well with any companions, happy to live outside 24/7, and is a super sweet boy! Stands for the vet and farrier, no vices and does not need maintenance at this time. 

He would be a great companion o any lonely horse!

Adoption Fee: Waived to an approved home. 

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